1.  I don’t know what size unit I will need. Can you help me decide? 
    Yes! We hope this helps! A 5x10 unit is about the size of a walk-in closet and can store things like a mattress and box spring, several boxes, a washer/dryer, chest of drawers and/or personal items. A 10x10 is enough to store the contents of a one bedroom apartment. A 10x20 is a perfect storage size for contents of a 3 to 4 bedroom home.

2.  Do I need tenant protection or insurance? 
    Yes. If you have your own insurance policy, like renters insurance, please make sure to add this to your information when you set up your account. Otherwise, we do require tenant protection to ensure your belongings are protected. Adding tenant protection is offered through us at various amounts of coverage and pricing. Please click our tenant protection tab to learn more.

3.  What type of lock should I use?
   We require the use of a round disc lock. This is the BEST way to protect someone from entering your unit without your permission. If a round disc is not used with tenant protection, there is a $200 deductible if a claim is filed.

4.  I need a unit, like yesterday, but all of your units say “waiting list”. Do you have any units available? 
    We do not at the time. Please join our waiting list and we will be glad to email you as soon as one does come available. It's typically not a very long wait for one to open up!

5.  I can’t remember my gate code. Can you look it up for me?
    Unfortunately, we will not give out this information over the phone. You may log into your account online to find this information. It will be labeled “Gate Key” under each unit you have rented. Remember the # sign goes BEFORE your code!

6.  My card was compromised. Can I change my recurring billing information? 
    Yes! Once logged in, in the top right corner, click the button that says Recurring Billing. You can add or change your payment method from here! If you move, please make sure you update this information with us ASAP!

7.  Do I need to set up a new account to rent another unit if I am already a customer?
    No! Once logged in, click the button “Rent Storage” and keep all your units under one account!

8. I have forgotten my password. Can I change it? 
   You can change your password by clicking “Forgot my Password” once you hit “Make a Payment/Login”.

9.  I am done with my unit. Can I cancel my contract? 
    Yes, of course! You can request to move out by logging in and pressing “Request” (highlighted in blue) next to “Move Out” under each individual rental number or you can email us at eaglevilleministorage@gmail.com. Please remember, we do require a 10 day WRITTEN notice PRIOR to move out in order to get your deposit back.

10.  I moved out in the middle of the month. Can my rent be prorated? 
     We do not prorate for move outs prior to the end of the month. Our rental agreement is a month to month agreement, renewable each month on the first and upon payment for that month. Move outs should occur *PRIOR* to the last day of the month to avoid being charged for the next month on the first. Don’t forget to give us that 10 day notice!

11.  When will I get a late fee if I don’t pay by the 1st of the month?
     We give a grace period of 5 days. If your invoice has not been paid by the close of the business on the 5th, late fees are assessed on the morning of the 6th. The gate will also “over lock” and you will not be able to enter the facility.

12.  I mailed my payment but I have a late fee. Why? 
     Recently, USPS has been a lot slower due to the pandemic. As long as the check is mailed and post-dated by the 5th of the month, we will honor the payment and remove the late fee. If not mailed by then, we will not remove the late fee. For this reason, we highly recommend signing up for recurring billing or paying your payment online.

13.  What days are you closed? 
     We are closed every Sunday and the following holidays: New Years Eve, New Years Day, Good Friday and Easter (weekend inclusive), Memorial Day (weekend inclusive), Independence Day (weekend inclusive), Labor Day (weekend inclusive), Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We do have children so we do take off time to be with them for Spring Break and Fall Break. We also generally have a few extra days off here and there around Christmas to spend time with family. Thank you for your understanding.

14.  What can I do if I still have any questions?
     Please give Alyson a call or text her at 615-274-3833 during normal business hours or shoot us an email at eaglevilleministorage@gmail.com. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have.